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Vital Foods is an Auckland, New Zealand-based company that prides itself on its agricultural and bioscience roots. The company got its start in the early 1990s when a special blend of green kiwifruit pulp was formulated with natural flavours into a refreshing health drink branded as ‘Kiwi Crush’ This product was sold as a frozen concentrate to ensure optimum bioactivity of the essential nutrients, particularly enzymes, within kiwifruit.

Right from the beginning, Kiwi Crush was a winner – it won the National Food Awards within New Zealand in 1992, and also gained first place in the National Heart Foundation Nutrition Award and the Non-alcoholic Beverage Award.

Although it was developed as an all round health drink, the team at Vital Foods soon discovered that Kiwi Crush was especially beneficial in assisting the nutritional and digestive needs of hospital patients as well as geriatric patients and pregnant women.

Dieticians and doctors soon became strong advocates for Kiwi Crush, which is now widely used in New Zealand hospitals and nursing homes to aid digestion and to relieve constipation.

 Realizing that kiwifruit had significant digestive health properties Vital Foods then developed a unique proprietary process to manufacture a kiwifruit extract powder which would enable people to take advantage of these benefits in a much more convenient way while also significantly improving the bioavailability (absorption) of the powder in the digestive system. This unique kiwifruit powder extract has been trade marked as ‘Zyactinase’ and is patent protected due to its proprietary nature.

 In 2007 Vital Foods undertook a significant research project to clinically prove both the safety of the new Zyactinase powder and its effectiveness in bowel health. The safety analysis and clinical trials were an outstanding success and have allowed Vital Foods to launch one of the most comprehensively researched and safety-tested supplement products on the market.

In July 2007 Vital Foods launched “Phloe” Bowel Health in New Zealand containing an improved version of their active ingredient Zyactinase. “Phloe” Bowel Health is a 100% natural digestive aid that is clinically shown to keep you regular while promoting long-term intestinal health and helping avoid digestive discomfort.

With new globally experienced senior management in place, Vital Foods is very excited about the prospects for “Phloe” Bowel Health in other countries, and is poised to become a leading player in the digestive health market around the world.

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