Vital Foods, New Zealand, develops and sells 100% natural digestive aids that are clinically proven to keep you regular, while promoting long term intestinal health.

We are committed to producing natural, scientifically supported, nutritional supplement products to help people lead healthier and more vibrant lives.

Vital Food Products
have been carefully designed to aid the body’s bowel
and digestive function harnessing the power of nature’s wonder food, New Zealand’s green kiwifruit. 


Following a number media reports this week, we affirm that there is no risk of our Phloe and Kiwi Crush products being affected by the Psa more

Phloe chewable tablets are a tasty chewable format with the same digestive health benefits as Phloe capsules . Taken daily, Phloe chewable tablets help avoid episodes of bloating, flatulence and digestive discomfort.

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